Friday, May 1, 2015

My Explorer Diary.... from the Westside Post

 “I joined the H.P.D. Explorers program to have a better insight of the Houston Police department, get more discipline, and sense of rank structure before I leave for the United States Marine Corps. (July 2015). The Explorers have given me a better understanding of what Police Officers go through and have further prepared me for my career as a future Officer for the Houston Police Department.  Since joining the Explorer program, I have made some great friends that have a common interest in Law Enforcement.  I have also been able to represent the H.P.D. in the following competitions: North Harris County, Lake Jackson/Angleton, and Austin, TX. 

Last summer, I was able to complete an internship with the Houston Police Department and was able to help start this program during my internship.  I highly recommend this regimented, yet fun, program for fellow teenagers that are interested in Law Enforcement.”

Westside Explorer Captain A. Prause