Thursday, June 18, 2015

Explorer Appreciation Luncheon for the HPD Command Staff

The Explorers and Explorer Advisors organized an appreciation luncheon for the HPD Command Staff. 

The success of the program in its first year is directly due to the hard work of the explorers, the advisors, and the support of the HPD Command Staff.

In attendance were Chief Charles McClelland, Executive Assistant Chief Michael Dirden, Southeast Patrol Captain Kenneth Campbell, Midwest Patrol Captain James Dale, South Central Patrol Captain Heather Morris, and South Central Lieutenant Patricia Cantu. They and many other members of the Command Staff have contributed to the success of the HPD Explorer Program with their support. 

Representatives from the explorer posts present spoke about the importance of the program and what the program meant to them.

Chief McClelland expressed his desire that the HPD Explorer Program become the biggest in the State of Texas.

Gannon Dewveall of HPD South Central Explorer Post 2202 

Katy Gonzales of HPD Northeast Post 8301

Alexis Jordan of HPD of HPD Southeast Post 8300

Jonae Collins of HPD Central Post 2061

Samantha Cantu of HPD LE&CJ post 1184

Dwynae Tolbert of HPD Central Post 2061 is interviewed by local media about the Explorer Program