Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Round Rock Competition!

Great job by all of our explorer post at the Round Rock Explorer Competition. HPD sent 5 teams from the following posts: Midwest Post 7277, South Central Post 2202, Westside Post 3203, Central Post 206,1 and Hobby Post 7800. 

Here are the final results, broken down into Scenario:

“Snapshot”:                       Midwest Post - 1st
                                          South Central Post - 2nd

Active shooter:                 Westside Post  - 1st
                                          South Central Post - 3rd

Burglary in progress:        Westside Post  - 1st

Call Unknown:                  Midwest Post - 2nd

Crime Scene:                     Westside  - 2nd

Gang Investigation:           Midwest Post - 2nd

Misdemeanor Traffic Stop: Central Post-2nd

Accident Investigation:     Westside Post -2nd

Westside finished fourth overall

Congratulations to all of our teams for representing HPD. We are proud you!